• Carrot cake
  • Churros
  • Fried cheesecake

Rio Brazilian Steakhouse

Our Story

In 2002, co-owners Vagmar Stoffel & Robiano Aguiar arrived in America and immediately began to carve out a future for their children. But what business could they start that blended Brazilian culture with American cuisine? It was simple, the “churrasco” style grilling of home.

Thus, the concept was born: bring the delicious heritage of Brazilian cooking over to a new place for all to enjoy. So after working for various restaurants in this country and learning the ropes, in 2008 Vagmar and Robino opened the Rio Brazilian Steakhouse. It features the prized culture and style of Brazil and of course, the most amazing food you've ever experienced. At Rio Brazilian Steakhouse, they bring the flavors of Brazil back home to you.

With over ten years of tradition, Rio Brazilian Steakhouse offers authentic, mouth-watering Brazilian meats served straight to you right off the barbecue. There is no menu at the steakhouse, you simply use place cards to indicate that you still want meat brought over, then use the tongs to grab the meat cuts when a server begins to slice them at your table. Otherwise, there is a fully stocked salad bar and other buffet-style food options. Be sure to save some room for the authentic Brazilian-style dessert! Fortunately, this Brazilian feast doesn't require a passport to enjoy.